Free, Downloadable Lecture Slides for Educators and Students

We have adapted several of our most popular articles into lecture slides that you can use to teach your students about a variety of academic topics.

Scribbr slides are free to use, customize, and distribute for educational purposes.

Introduction to literature reviews

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Writing a research paper

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Structuring a dissertation

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Writing an essay

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APA 7th edition changes

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Frequently asked questions about Scribbr lecture slides

Can I use Scribbr content for educational purposes?

Yes! We’re happy for educators to use our content, and we’ve even adapted some of our articles into ready-made lecture slides and templates.

You are free to display, distribute, and adapt Scribbr materials in your classes or upload them in private learning environments like Blackboard. This applies to articles, videos, images, and any other content published on the Knowledge Base. Video transcripts and subtitles can be accessed on YouTube. Please credit Scribbr for creating any materials you use in your teaching.

You may not republish, adapt, or translate our materials for public distribution without permission. If you have ideas for adapting Scribbr content, email [email protected].


What is the Scribbr Knowledge Base?

The Scribbr Knowledge Base is a collection of free resources to help you succeed in academic research, writing, and citation. Every week, we publish helpful step-by-step guides, clear examples, simple templates, engaging videos, and more.

Who is the Knowledge Base for?

The Knowledge Base is for students at all levels. Whether you’re writing your first essay, working on your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, or getting to grips with your PhD dissertation, we’ve got you covered.

How can I make a suggestion for the Knowledge Base?

We’re always striving to improve the Knowledge Base. If you have an idea for a topic we should cover, or you notice a mistake in any of our articles, let us know by emailing [email protected].

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